Connect listen and talk

On average, nine people die by suicide in Australia every day. Connect, Listen and Talk is a collection of nine stories tackling a range of subjects that challenge the stigma surrounding suicide.

Released one by one in the lead up to World Suicide Prevention Day Lifeline is privileged to have been entrusted to share these stories with you and we thank the individuals for their contributions.

Personal stories of an individuals experiences of significant emotional distress, suicidal thoughts or attempt, and their experiences of recovery being bereaved by suicide can inspire hope in others that they too can move through the period of distress or crisis, and their insights can help others understand what it means to feel suicidal and how they can support others.


Raj’s Story

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Archie’s Story

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When grazier Wes Herring, 40, found himself in a dark place he discovered an unlikely talent which has not only helped him but many others.

Jack and Luke

As soldiers, Jack Brown, 26, and Luke Conners, 29 dreamed they’d work together to make a difference to people. However, it was the loss of treasured mates that dictated the unexpected way in which they’d do that

Talk to me, Bro


Pyrawy lost her cousin and best friend to suicide in the middle of COVID-19 lockdowns, but she discovered a way to turn her grief into a newfound mission to advocate for mental health.


Olympic basketball champion and Opals captain, Jenna O’Hea has enjoyed a raft of international success. For years her focus has been winning on court but now she’s looking for success in a very different arena 


As a child, Lea Harvey’s world was turned upside down when she discovered she was adopted. Her struggle to come to terms with that marked the start of a spiral into depression. Here she explains how she used her experiences to support and help others who have also attempted suicide.