Tribute Wall

Forever in our hearts.

On World Suicide Prevention Day (Sept 10), we're walking together as a community to remember those lives we've lost to suicide and to help Australians in crisis.

Andrew Balint

"Thank you...."

- Nicole Lee

Endre Hencz

"See you will when I get there"

- Love me

Michael Woodland

"Miss you Son....Love always....Mum and Dad"

- Nicole Lee

Matthew "Macca" Owen

"11th July 1993 - 20th November 2022. A Son, A Brother, A Husband, A Father xx I will always and forever miss you brother. "

- Taela-Jayde Owen

All Who Are Lost In The Darkness

"Our Beatiful Rescue Horses, Rescue Dogs, and even Rascal the Rescue Goat walked alongside a team of our wonderful volenteers to honor the memory of those we vhave sadly ave lost from this world too soon,those that were so very loved and whose memories we stay close to us in our hearts forever. Our hope is that by walking alongside of our rescued animals, they will continue to be an inspiration to the many who are currently struggling through a similar battle. Keep fighting until you are able to once again find the beauty that life has to offer. It is often the small details found in the breifest of moments that can be the most beautiful. Our rescued animals teach us so much. They come to us broken and scared, hurting and from a world where they felt unloved. Yet they are living proof that if you fight for life, it is possible for the future to get brighter and they begin to live in a world full of love. Stay strong and keep looking forward. Lots of Love from all of us - The Volenteers & Rescued Animals at Forever Friends Animal Rescue "

Ron Ingram my daddy

"I walked for my daddy. My dad was a husband father grandfather and great grandfather and a friend to many. My dad was a very private man. He was the sort of man that would give anything to everyone. He would put others before himself 100% of the time. My dad was loved by so many people, but in his final week he believed he was more alone than ever. My dads decision to end his own life was is own choice and there were so many contributing factors. He was old school he will forever be 73.. My dad is my hero my rock my best friend. He was the best dad in the world to me and he is never very far from my mind or my thoughts. I miss my dad every single day and night. My daddy was always my biggest supporter and protector. I love and miss you so much dad xxx RIL DADDY"

- Leanne Rymer

Senja Hadzic

"You may be gone, but you will always be remembered and loved by us.. we miss you everyday. ❤️🤍"

- Debra Swann

Ajay Goldsmith

"My darling boy, my life was forever changed when you were born. My first love and greatest achievement. Your charming wit, you’re generous heart, your beautiful smile, it will all be forever missing now you are gone. If only you knew how wonderfully complex and perfect you were, if only you knew how much you were valued and how much you’d be missed. I’m forever changed now, but am so grateful to have had the greatest honour of being your mum. I love you forever Ajay. Forever 19 x"

- Sally Shortland

Jack lewis Anderson

"On March the 8th 2022, we lost my brother jack to suicide. We walked 9km on the 10th of September 2023 to raise awareness and to honour jacks memory. "

- Madelyn Anderson


"Always with me Always with you "

- Shaye Wilson

Molly Green

"You are one of the most beautiful people to grace this world. You impacted so many people and you will forever be missed but you will never be forgotten ♥️"

- Matt Oleary

Diana Maree Eid

"ONE (1) YEAR SINCE YOUR PASSING ON 8/9/22 ————————————————————————— To My Beautiful Daughter Diana I MISS YOU SOOO MUCHHH!! I am so Lost without you in my Life! One (1) Year ago you were Sadly taken away from your Family. This time last year my Life (and your Family) changed forever. When you died, I also died my beautiful innocent daughter. I try to be strong and positive mainly for your Brother (Daniel) and Sister (Laura) but I’m struggling my Darling. I wish you could have seen how wonderful and beautiful you were and that you meant the World to me and your family. As your father I was always Proud of you as as you were (and still) are a very smart, caring, loving, committed and respectful person. You always put in so much with every aspect of your life. With lifes up’s and at times challenges, I wished you could have seen that it was going to only be temporary and you could have overcome anything that came your way. But I now know you were in a lot of pain and very Sad and felt it was to hard to continue. I wished that I could have done more for you because as your father I’m suppose to be your Protector. I did the very best I could my beautiful girl and I would swap places in a heart beat. I will always have you in my heart and soul and I love you beyond words could explain. Rest In Peace Diana ❤️ Love always Dad 🙏♥️😢XoXo"

- David Eid

Stephen Thomas

"The time moves on, and yet it still takes my breath away. There will never be a time where I do not wish things could be different. Where once it was a tsunami, it now ripples like a heart beat. You will always be with me. I miss you every day Dad x "

- Carley Thomas


"I walked 13ks today for all those who had to leave us, and for everyone that was left here with broken hearted and a pocketful of unanswered questions... I send out healing vibes to you all ❤️"

- Tamika McDowell


"My son I’ll always miss you and never stop loving you "

- Phillip Butler

Joleen Jamieson

" "Was such a beautiful day for a walk today, wish thing were so very different mum I miss you every single day! I’ll never let your baby’s forget you they know you are the stars Love you Mumma ""

- Chloe Martin

Chloe martin

"Was such a beautiful day for a walk today, wish thing were so very different mum I miss you every single day! I’ll never let your baby’s forget you they know you are the stars Love you Mumma "

- Chloe Martin

Cameron Howson

"Love ya brother "

- Daniel Currey

Steve McHugh

"Miss you each and every day Steve. Wish we could wind the clock back. Your Kid G"

- Gary McHugh

Keisha Smith

"I sadly lost my best friend Keisha to suicide March last year and I'm walking in her memory & to raise awareness so no other families have to endure the pain of loosing someone to suicide.  I will forever be deeply affected by your choice. But I know you are no longer in pain. You will forever be missed my darling red. #Forever21 I have walked 18.48 kms for you today & I felt you right beside me every step of the way. Love Ur Jazzy 💚"

- Jazmin Mitchell

Marie and ‘The Sparkle Babes’

"So proud of what we have achieve ❤️‍🩹 We lost our beautiful, sparkly Cheryl💔 but hope and pray we’ve made a difference to those currently living in the shadows ❤️💋"

- Marie Brogan


"A beautiful tribute to my friend who took his own life 20 years ago after university finished. The 9km walk gives you a moment to breathe and build perspective on your own life. And time that passes… 🙏"

- Victoria

Joleen Jamieson

"We love you mummy darling and we always will, I know she would be proud of everyone involved today, may she rest in peace "

- Shaya Jamieson

Michael O'Shea

"Walking for you Dad. Not a day goes by where I wish you were still here so I still talk to you and love you with all my heart. You're so dearly missed and forever loved. "

- Kirsty OShea


"I love you forever and I understand. "

- Sarah Bailey

Nick McRae

"Miss you like crazy.. "

- Debbie McRae


"My Lukey,there's no words that can explain just how much I miss you .you are the better half of me and you always will be. Until we meet again my beautiful man xx"

- Sarah grieves


"Loved and missed always mate. Rest easy, I'm walking for you today."

- Alex


"RIP Baby Xxx"

- AA


"Remembering Luke "

- Sophie Mara


"My Cousin Maureen died by suicide at 19 - she couldn't see a way through and our family was changed forever 💔 I'm walking in her memory 💝 I'm walking for my family and friends who have lost someone and those who have been in crisis and found a way out - keep fighting 💪 I'm walking for the person who's name I may never know - I think of you often and hope your family have found some peace 🫶 I'm walking for the health professionals, carers, emergency services and so many others directly impacted 🙏 "

- Karen Cornford

Scott Kenneth

"My amazing brother, you left us too soon, there’s not a day goes by where we think and speak of you. You have left a massive hole in our hearts. Gone but never forgotten. Your 19 years with our family brought us more joy and fun than you’ll ever know. Rest in peace my brother. 🙏🏿💙💙💙"

- Melissa Merlino

Carli Aviva Freiberg

"I will never forget our beautiful friendship. Loyal, caring, endless love and depth for your friends, family and students. Will always keep dancing for you and walking tomorrow with sunflowers in my heart for you darling Carli. I know you are with us all in spirit, guiding us every day. "

- Aimee Wag


"Forever dancing. Forever loved."


"In loving memory of my dear Beautiful brother.12 years since you passed aged 38. You are so missed by us all & forever in our hearts such a strong young man yet a gentle sensitive soul.proud to walk for you aidy i know you will be with me in spirit and knowing its going to help others in some way god bless love you always (T.c) sister Tina,& all of us.❤🙏🇬🇧🌹xxx"

- Tina Dale & family's. xxxx


"Forever 23. Forever loved and missed. Your smile lit up every room, your presence always brought joy. A mate to everyone, you had time for them all. We know your special spirit is still with us our darling son and big brother. Till we see you again and you greet us with "Howdy Howdy" you will never be forgotten. Love you forever ❤️"

- Carmel, Ian & Jazzy


"Miss your laughter, caring nature and the way you taught me to say “love you”. I can’t remove your number from my phone. So happy to have the memories sad I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye."

- Alyssa Discombe


"I will always be there for you! The loss of Glenn was devastating to you, his family and all of ours🌹"

- Colleen Trewhella


"For your beloved brother and all others I walk. For you I wish you love and support xxx"

- Colleen Trewhella

Tony, Jeff, Dave, Andre, Hayden & Kym

"You are all sadly missed every day by those who knew & loved you. Today we walk in respect to your personal stuggles in this lifetime & raise awareness to help others in need, in the hope they never follow in your footsteps. RIP! "

- KB


"A much loved young man who dedicated his life to helping others. Forever in our thoughts. "

- Jodi Cotter

Jim Finucane

" I never want Jim’s death to be in vain. I will keep talking about him. We once had a simple and peaceful life, which was perfect because we were together. We woke up each morning side by side, and were very much in love and connected to each other. We raised children together, and had plans to travel in the future. I thought I had you for a lifetime. Then darkness set in, which stole your mind, your soul, and your very presence. I believe that you loved us just so very much, and that you could not see yourself living a life with limited functionality. I am deeply, deeply affected by your choice. I am walking this Sunday in memory of my husband Jim. You are loved and missed every minute of every "

- Fiona Finucane

Reinier Nel

"You are so missed my son. We love you. There is not a day that we do not think of you, talk about you and remember you. If we could turn back time. I would tell you what a wonderful son and brother you were to your family and what a big hole you have left when you went away. We will walk for you and remember you. We love you always"

- Lillian Nel

Heather Pierard

"My beautiful daughter Heather So loved and missed more than anything 💔 We walk for you, Matt, Luke and Nine We walk to support those with mental illness and grief. W walk to remember how funny , smart , beautiful and amazing you were. I love you forever my darling ❤️ 31/7/2000- 11/5/2021 "

- kedra pierard



- Gloria Quartermaine

Kelvin Quartermaine

"I sadly lost my brother to suicide early this year and I'm walking to raise awareness so no other families have to endure the pain of lossing someone this way"

- Gloria Quartermaine

Keith and Audrey Cubitt

"I was only 24 years old with my entire life ahead … you left such a gap … know that a day doesn’t pass without thinking of you both. "

- Sueanne Cubitt

Zoe Holmes

"Rest peacefully Zoe Ann, you beautiful angel ❤️"

Glenn Parker

"A truly loved son, brother, nephew, cousin who is so dearly missed and loved. We unfortunately lost at the young age of 17 to his battle of mental illness, not a day, minute or second goes by that he is not missed and thought about, I will forever cherish the time I got with you but definitely wasn’t enough, a lifetime wouldn’t even be enough time spent with you, I forever wish I had my big brother around to spend my life with and experience all the great things has to offer 🥹 as long as I live your memory will forever be alive through me, I love you with my whole entire heart and more, until we meet again, fly high my boy 🤍🤍"

- Natasha Parker

Natasha Maree Richardson

"My dearest little sister Natasha. Not a day goes by when I don’t miss you. I looked at your beautiful children and wish you were here to see how the amazing little people they are - having them with me helps me feel like you are still here also. We love you incredibly and wish you knew just how worthy and loved you are. "

- Jessica-Ann Slater


"Forever in our hearts 💕 Gone but never forgotten 💔 "

- Judy Cross

Leo Scarola

"May you be at peace Leo and watch over our daughter ❤️"

- Natalie and Naomi

James Zorin

"I'm walking 9km to remember and honour my son James. Forever 18 08.01.22 "

- Eunice Zorin

Leon Jackman

"A beautiful, funny, kind and caring man who we sadly lost 🤍 A person I will never forget and forever be grateful he was apart of my life, a man who was more of a role model to me than my biological father, I will forever love and miss u "

- Natasha Parker

Sam Walker

"My nephew Sam, the boy with the best laugh and the biggest red beard. You are loved and missed xxx"

- Lindsey Mahoney

Andrew Matthews

"Walking to remember Geoffrey. A significant mentor to me, and more importantly, a dear friend to me. “It’s times like these we must remember the good times, the achievements, the leader, the legend, the love, the compassion, the fun loving nature, the zest for life, the friendship.....the legacy. These are the things that will live on, will be remembered, and in many cases, characteristics that have helped define each of our individual journeys. For the last time mate, Cheers and beers, it really was our pleasure.....RIP”"

- Andrew Matthews

Brian Darcy

"I miss you dad I wish you were still here. I love you so much. I hope I'm making you proud "

- Amanda Browning

Cory Lee

"My beautiful son Cory, I miss you everyday. It has been 5 years since we lost you. You were only 22 years old when you left this world. Losing you has changed how I feel about the world. I just hope your beautiful soul is watching from above as we walk to honour your memory."

- Kaylene Lee

Keith Bodsworth 23/08/53-04/12/92

"I’ve grown up the rest of my life missing you. Think of you every day and remember how you made us laugh all the time. Love you,, miss you always "

- Christine Hardie

Joanna Montgomery

"Love is a dream come true… and you were mine. I wish I was yours…. and enough to keep you here 💙♥️"

- Andy Montgomery

My family

"Every member of my family has been changed by our experience with suicide. I am walking to honour each of you."

- Mandy Hildebrand

Ron Cornell - Dad

"23 years have passed since my dad couldn’t face life anymore. Miss him everyday. If only I could have read the signs I know now. Thank you Lifeline for everything you do for those in personal pain and suffering from this horrible time in their lives ."

- Annette Ward


"My partner of 8years A soul full of sunshine Lost 21/2/21 rip my love Till we meet again in the afterlife ❤️"

- Dimity Johnson

Shayne O'rourke

"My best mate ❤ Life is so hard without u Sorry...Not Sorry 🖤 Lub u long time xo"

- Kellie Olive

Dean & Ashley and Harley

"Walking to remember my brother Dean who I miss more than I can explain, also lost my two nephews, Ashley and Harley, the same way. "

- Jaynie Marchese

Amberly Jane Lynch

"My beautiful girl I walk with you in my heart and mind everyday... You are so missed and the hole you left is felt by many. May your story be told by those walking in your honour and I hope it will help someone struggling to reach out for help. Gone way too soon f18"

- Jane Windeyer

Vince Magliolo

"In memory of my dad "

- Grace Magliolo


"My Bub, life isn’t the same without you. I miss your presence and hearing your voice. I take comfort that you’re at peace and in the hope that we’ll see each other again. I love you always…"

- Mom

Rob x

"Walking to remember my big brother Rob, and in support of my clients who battle daily! There is nothing too big we can’t talk about. "

- Jen Johnson-Saul

Tim Harlaftis

"I’m walking for Tim ❤️ My big brother I will forever miss, he took his life because he suffered from mental health and all the professionals he went to seek help from turned him down. They took you from us 😭 you will be forever missed and loved by many my darling brother ❤️"

- Keara Hudson


"My girl I miss you so much it hurts. It’s crazy to think it’s almost been 6 months without you. Thankyou for always making sure I knew my worth, I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to do the same for you. You are the most beautiful and kind person and it kills me to know I won’t have you by my side for wherever life takes me. There’s so many things I wish I could tell you. I love you to the end of the earth always."

- Ashley Annandale


"I know you couldn't stay with us any more as your demonds were too much pain for you any more but the loved ones you left behind 💔 miss you every day love mum Ursula Trent Annette June and your son Jamie lee"

- Kerry King


"I will be walking on Sunday for my mum, Rosslyn, who I lost at the early age of 9 years old. She missed all of the milestones in my life and I don’t want anyone to experience that feeling. Rest easy Mumma, I hope I’m making you proud x"

- Victoria Hepburn

The medical doctor whom I have forgotten your name

"I was a summer intern reporter for a newspaper in 1997. The reporters and i went to the scene. The medical doctor jumped from the staff residence in the hospital. He graduated just one month before that day. He has changed my life. I moved from journalism to psychology. I still remember your mom and dad rushing to the emergency. I still remember your mom's wailing. I hope you are now in a better place. I have tried, since that day, to make this world better. You have given me purpose. Thank you. "

- Helena Chui

Luke Burland

"I am broken my heart is shattered our family will never be the same again. I will miss you for ever and love you for all eternity lukey 29:5:23 lost my boy we will meet again I have to believe. for Eva 28 💔 "

- Kylie Durban

Brenden forever 47 💔😭💙

"Unlike my sons final walk to take his life, alone, I will be walking with my two daughters(his sisters), his daughters, partners, my sister-in-law, her husband and sons and we will be doing it with heavy broken hearts, but we’ll also honour his life, for the beautiful soul he was and is and we know he will be with us."

- Margaret Cox


""I will be your legacy, I will be your voice, you will live on in me, I have made a choice, to honour your life by living again, I love you, I miss you, I will see you again " Love always brokenhearted mum xxxx"

- Katrina Tsaftaropoulos

Tim Harlaftis

"I miss my big brother Timmy so much. He took his own life this year. Life hasn’t and will never be the same. We are walking for you - Forever in Our Hearts."

- Tailor

Jason Nasko

"Though my son is no longer here, his spirit will remain with me always. The death of my son is a sorrow that can never be replaced, but the memories of him will remain in my heart and mind forever. I’m lucky to have had you here for as long as I did. We miss you so much Jas! Forever 32 💙"

- Sieglinda Nasko

Robert Perkins

"And I wonder if you know That I never understood That although you said you'd go Until you did I never thought you would"

- Roberta Perkins

John Henderson

"Son, life threw so much at you during your lifetime…. you get getting up and giving it your best shot… until you couldn’t. I know, I understand, and I’ll miss you every single one of my remaining days 💔"

- Anne Henderson

Blake Clarkson

"My beautiful boy Blake you had so many things you had to deal with in your life. I wish I knew how very hard it was for you, I tried to help, but I just couldn’t get through to you. You are so very dearly missed by everyone. We will never forget you Blake 💙"

- Vicki Jowett

Paul Cleveland

"If we could only have made you see how much you were loved and how much you meant to each and every one of your family and friends. Our hearts are broken and our lives will never be the same without you there beside us. This walk is to try and prevent someone else going through this hell. I know you will be looking down upon us on Sunday. Miss you so much Paul. 💔"

- Lyn Cleveland


"Forever in my heart and soul! Your infectious smile and quirky laugh would light up a room. The most kindest, funniest, giving and loveable person that touched so many people’s lives and stole my heart. The best day of my life, was the I got to marry you. Love you forever #YNWA""

- Sarah Jackson

Allen Stylianou

"I've never been the same since my brother died. There's a sadness inside of me that never goes away but I'm ok with that because I don't ever want to forget him. "

- Maria Portelli

Tyrone Hegarty.❤️

"Miss you dearly my kid. But one day we will meet again."

- Aunty Jack.

Zahli Leah Ruby Eade

"Just 13 years young. Taken way to soon. Miss you so very much lil sis ❤️"

- Emily Andrew

Lauren Aggett

"Lauren you will always be so missed and loved as the beautiful wife to Leigh and the most perfect mum to Owen, Tyanna and Aleah. You will always be the brightest star in the sky, and the shadows in our steps watching over us. You’re forever on our minds, until we meet again! ❤️❤️💜❤️❤️ "

- Leigh Aggett

Mark Robinson

"A never ending question or thought on your lips. The world is so quiet without you in it. Your purposeful disruption, your passionate advocacy and collaboration… I’m so sorry we didn't see the depths of your despair. Life will never be the same. The world has lost and incredible advocate for all of those living Thursday Fortnight. The creative world has lost someone with the ability to move mountains to bring people together and create community. Love you little brother, all of you, even the complicated and hard bits. 💔"

- Samantha Robinson


"Our team is walking in remembrance of my son Tai. Bug lover, deep thinker, funny guy. He’s so loved and missed."

- Tim Weinert


"Forever missed and eternally loved. "

- Angela P

Ali Birnam

"To Al, The light will never dim it will always shine bright because you were here. Go the Roosters! "

Scott David McLeod

"Always and forever Scotty You are loved by so many, especially me and will forever be missed my beautiful blue eyed man Can't wait to see you again 💙"

- Courtney Sheridan

Ashley Townsend

"You will always be a part of me, my beautiful son. 💙"

- Dianne Rich

Joshua Micheal Elliott

"There isn't a day I don't miss you, or wish you where here to talk to, love you forever💙❤️‍🩹"

- Lisa Mckenzie


"For my brother"

- Sarah

Andrew Balint

"Thank you for being there and saving me when my times were dark...Love always"

- Nicole Lee

Michael Woodland

"Miss you brother....Forever thanks for watching over you family....Love you...See you when I see you"

- Nicole Lee

Endre Kalman

"Always in my heart....Never forgotten "

- Love Always

Abbie Richardson

"Abbie Richardson ♡ 03/01/2007-05/03/2023 We love you, Abs. We miss you everyday. "

- Claire Richardson


"You touched so many people's lives and taught so many how to live - I hope you have found peace from your suffering. You will always be loved and remembered "


"You will always be remembered "

Haylee martin

"Rip haylee Lauren Martin lee-hay "

Renny Azzopardi

"To remember a great mate and other mates I’ve lost along the way. And to raise awareness and help others in need."

- Wayne Ede

Helmut Wagner

"Nearly 2 years have passed and it hasn't got any easier. September 10th is your Birthday and this year I walk 9km for you dad. I love you and I wish you were still here with us. "

- Rebecca Wagner

Michael George Scholes

"Brother, you left this world far too young. I will always try to raise awareness and keep your memory alive. This one’s for you x"

- Melanie


"You meant the absolute world to all who had the privilege of knowing you. You were my world and your daughters too! You will never be forgotten my beautiful man ."

- Sarah grieves

For Our Brodie, Kynan & My Beloved Husband - The Greatest 'Star Protector' I've Ever Known💫✨️🌟💕

"A whole team of our rescued horses 🐴 & dogs 🐕 will be completing this walk🐾 alongside the human team at Forever Friends Animal Rescue as our way to honour your memory... We dedicate our role in organising this event to you & the forever loved & cherished memories you gave us of the times we have shared together. We were truly lucky to have had you in our lives, despite it being too breifly, as the impact you have left on our hearts is big enough to last for a million lifetimes over. We love you and know you have now found your place of Sanctuary... whilst you are there waiting for us to one day reunite, know that you will never be forgotten. We hope that our walk beside these rescued animals will help to bring hope to all those who are currently going through a similar struggle. Love Markus, Ava & Sarah xoxo"

- Love Markus, Ava & Your Wifey xoxo 💖


"I miss you! I'm sorry, I wish I could've supported you in more ways. I will always believe that they treated you so poorly. I tried to fight for your independence however they seemed so eager to take that away from you. I hope your resting in peace and love now."

Cheryl vella

"Mum was stronger than anyone I ever knew. She was a nurse, a mum and a joy. She was the glue in our broken family and unfortunately never recovered after my brother died 8 years ago. She fort hard and long and when her marriage fell apart so did she. We had no idea how hard she was fighting until it was to late. She never let on how much pain she was in. I miss her so much. Mum you were the strongest person I know and I’m so sorry you felt so alone at the end. "

- melissa Vella

Sharlene Harte

"You're smile and laugh are missed so much Sharks Always in our Hartes ❤️"

- Stephenie Carroll


"You were struggling in your darkest moments you felt so alone and like this was your only option this world can be cruel sometimes I miss you everyday "

- Alisha Khan

Angus Emery

"My life without you is incomprehensible. You were too vulnerable for this world. I miss your love, hugs and phone calls and your larrikin ways I only wish l knew what you were really going through As your Mum l am so proud of you🤍"

- Jo Williams

Angus Emery

"Not having you in my life is the worst thing imaginable You were too vulnerable for this world I only wish l knew"

- Jo Williams

Wadih kayrouz

""n memory of all those who have faced the silent battles within, As I share this tribute today, it's not about any one individual but about the collective strength of those who have fought against the shadows. Each person's journey is unique, yet they share the common thread of resilience and bravery. On this World Suicide Prevention Day, let us come together as a community to raise our voices, to support one another, and to ensure that no one feels isolated in their battles. The path to healing may be challenging, but it is not one that anyone should walk alone. In their memory, let us shine a light on mental health, break the stigma, and extend our hands to those who need it most. We remember them, we honor them, and we stand together as a community united in compassion. With heartfelt support, Wadih "

- Wadih Kayrouz

Ziggy Vincent

"A beautiful young boy taken to soon"

- Grace Vincent

First officer Reavski

"I'm walking for you my friend. Miss you everyday."

- Captain


"Every day I miss you! I know you’re home now in Heaven with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ free from pain. Until we meet again I love you big brother! Gone too soon 31 August 1977 to 3 April 2020"

- Jade Miller

Craig Macdonald

"Missed and loved always. Hoping that by sharing our grief and talking openly about our loss we can prevent others from suffering the same heart ache ."

- David Macdonald

Craig Macdonald

"Always missed and loved , hopefully awareness and talking will prevent the heartbreaking loss so many have felt x"

- David Macdonald

Louisa Fioretti

"Louisa lit up the room with her laugh. She was the only one who ever got me in trouble at school, because she we would have so much fun together. Miss her dearly and treasure every silly memory we have together. "

- Natalie

Holly Jones

"The beautiful Miss Holly ❤️ was a most amazing ,giving and talented soul ..a brilliant actress and loving friend who will never be forgotten...Rest in Peace 🙏💖"

- Leanne Evangelista

Simon dean

"I love and miss you. Your forever in our hearts and never forgotten "

- Isabella Harris

Gordon Webby Webster

"Life just isnt the same without you. Miss you every minute of everyday. xxx"

- Vicki, Jamie-Lee, Emma n Heather

Tanya May

"You were wild, young and free! A smile that just brightened up the room but what nobody knew was behind those smiles and laughs you were hurting so much inside.. I still remember like it was yesterday that horrible phone call telling me you have left this world, I didn’t believe it, not my big Sister. I treasure every single moment we shared together and it has taking me a very long time to stop feeling like I should of done something or question why and look for answers that I’m not going to get. So I do what you wrote in the end of your suicidal note.. Keep Rocking On.. I love you forever and always, until we meet again my beautiful Sister. "

- Jo bellion

Sarah , Jack and Zoe

"Im walking to remember my beautifully son Ben but also to help my beautiful daughter Sarah my nephew Jack and friend Zoe keep them in the light and out of the dark and for all those who have lost there way and need help to find there way back Your not alone ❤️"

- Christine Ocallaghan

Tommy Tupua

"We miss you always and forever ❤️🥲"

- Lena Tupua

Tessa Hayward

"My beautiful daughter Perez would be 22 now but she chose to leave this world 6 yrs ago. I miss her so much she is a powerful spirit just as she was a powerful human being. I was so honoured to be her mum forever she is my greatest gift from God. We struggle as a family without her ,it does get easier but the sadness doesn't. Seeing my kids have to grow without her I get mad as I notice where she would help so it's much harder. I myself struggle with the normal things shopping etc cos she's not here she just made our family happier ,stronger focused assertive determined loving & wholesome actually she made us remarkable as we come from nothing to somebodies. Now it's not as good she is our missing link & I skip a heartbeat lose my breath and mourne because she is so loved extremely missed and will never be the same without her. We will always suffer our loss of her beautiful ness. She does speak to me in the most sofe wats she does say sorry she does say I'm here mum and she say thank you for everything mum. 🤍🕊️"

- Tessa Hayward

Kristal Noble


- kristal Noble


"Harry you were the one that cared for everyone around you, I’m sorry we couldn’t do the same for you. We all love and miss your kind soul terribly."

- Katie

Kylie Meares

"Chris lyndon x"

- Kylie Meares


"I miss you all time even though we see eachother everyday. Just imagine how much I will will miss you when you're gone. "

- Abbey Lawrance

Sonja Cripps

"My darling girl you were beautiful inside and out. I miss you so much every single moment of every day. You will always be in my heart my baby girl. Love Mum 🩷🩷🩷"

- Marie Cripps

Martin Graham

" On Friday the 31st of August 2018, mine, and my family’s lives, were changed irrevocably, when my younger brother, Martin, took his own life. Martin was just 29, and even though he had lived a very adventurous life working all over the world as a chef, he still had a lot more memories that could have been made, given the chance. He lived in many places around the world in his short life, Perth, Dublin, Amsterdam, Lagos, Broome, and Melbourne were a few places where he made his longer stops. Martin was always the life of the party, and was nicknamed ‘Party Marty’. After his passing we received messages from all over the world, often saying that he was the first person they had met in Dublin / Amsterdam /Lagos / Broome, and he was always welcoming and open for a chat and a beer with no judgement whatsoever. He was always there with a smile, ready to show you around this new city. Suicide has devastating impact on friends and loved ones, and changes the path of your life forever. On World Suicide Prevention Day, I will be taking part in Out of the Shadows and walking for the 9 people lost to suicide every day."

- Leanne Graham


"Kye was my big brother, we lost him in 2017 to suicide. It’s something that’s always on my mind and forever in my heart. He didn’t think he could get the help he needed but Together we can all prevent suicide and share love a little more! "

- Kaila Burgess

Sharlene Harte

"I'm walking for you sis may we reconnect in the Dreamtime "

- Stephenie Carroll

Never forgotten

"Trinity, Dan, Mckenzie, Caitlin "

- Shelleyann Blacktop

Matthew lyall ( mitty )

"Heart broken "

Col Lyell

"“Grief doesn’t get smaller, we just learn to grow around it”. We miss you everyday, I hope you’re proud of us! "

- Holli Walsh


"Hi, On World Suicide Prevention Day (Sept 10), I am taking part in Out of the Shadows and walking 27km for the 9 Australians lost to suicide every day. Sadly, over 3,000 Australians lose their lives to suicide every year. These people are our family, friends and loved ones. My goal is to raise funds to support Lifeline's suicide prevention services to save lives. Please make a donation through my fundraising page and support my walk to help Australians in crisis. Together, we can ensure that no one has to face their darkest moments alone. Thank you. Anita"

- Anita

Ben O’Callaghan

"Our beautiful Son and much love brother You are always on our minds and 4 Eva in our hearts 💔missing you always 😪"

- Christine Ocallaghan

Samuel Francis

"Forever 28...Forever in my heart ❤️ "

- Shelley Anderson


"Kevin, our lives were forever changed. Wish you didn't leave us "

- Caitlin Smith

Joanna Montgomery

"Miss you more and more each day darling xxx"

- Andy Montgomery

Aunt Tracey

"Tired and weary you made no fuss, You tried so hard to stay with us. You suffered so much and told so few, You never deserved what you went through. "

- Alexis Wendt

Never forgotten

"Stephen, Paul, Narelle, Charissa, Brendan, Iky, Tray, Alex, Keiran, Belinda, and so many more 💔 Forever in our hearts 💕 "

- Shelleyann Blacktop

Keiran Monk ( 'lil bitch', kizz'n )

"If love was enough to keep you here you would never have left We love and miss you so much 💔 "

- Shelleyann Blacktop

Keisha Leah Smith

"Not a day goes by, your not on my mind. You will forever be loved red. Forever 21 🦋❤️‍🩹"

- Jazmin Mitchell

Michael Oakley

"I love and miss you everyday Dad"

- Kirsty Avnell

Tody Noble

"In memory of Toady Your light shone brightly, touching us all. Though you're gone too soon, your memory will stay with us forever. Let's remember the laughter, the moments shared, and the friendship that brought us together. You are missed deeply, by all who had the pleasure of knowing you x"

- Jasmine Greenfield

Jack (NUGGET Neilsen

"Brilliant young man with the whole word in front of him. Forever missed by Wagga Wagga, collingullie and Riverina #never forgotten "

- Mitchell McDonell

Graeme Reid

"Great mate, golden fella to be around. Ripples of this tragedy not only hit family and friends @home but spread throughout wagga Wagga, Marrar and the Riverina # never forgotten "

- Mitchell McDonell

Courtney hockley

"Tragically took her own life way to young. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL AND an ANGEL NOW"

- Mitchell McDonell

James Watson

"We will never get over losing you James. If only I knew you were struggling, I would have welcomed helping you in any way I could. You have left behind a beautiful daughter who will always remind me of you x"

- Ginetta Papaluca


"I love you Moo and miss you every day "

- Kristin Murphy


"We will Stay Strong & Keep Fighting for you x "

- Jai Haines

Matthew lyall ( mitty )

"We will miss you forever life will never be the same love you alway ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

- Bernadette Lyall

Matthew lyall (mitty)

"Our hearts are broken and we will miss you forever life will never be the same love you forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

- Bernadette Lyall


"I’m walking for our beautiful daughter Fiona. So full of life and fun. You loved dancing, playing music, handbags, bikinis, and family and friends. We miss you and love you so much. 💕💕Forever sweet sixteen💕💕"

- Judith Burns

Brett Robertson

"Brett left us way too soon in 2004. My son left a huge gap in all of our lives. One suicide directly impacts many others that are left behind. I remember you every day but will walk to remember you this year in the hope that my fundraising helps others in their darkest hour."

- Pauline Robertson

David Lewis

"Lost his life due to suicide 💔 Aug 2023 Left behind a loving wife and 3 beautiful teenage daughters and loving friends and family Only 42 years old RIP gone but never forgotten "

- Alana White

Kloe Preece

"Beautiful Kloe passed away on the 4th February 2022. A caring soul who loved her sisters dearly. You made me so proud Kloe. I wish I could have done more for you. You are dearly missed xxxx"

- Pamela Preece

Nora McKellar

"Nora, I may have not known you personally, but you went to our school, you were a gem to us, reading your piece of writing about tute in the Golden Mitre had me thinking about you. You will forever be in our hearts Nora ❤️."

Madeleine McCrum

"Our beautiful daughter Maddy tragically took her life on 28/2/2022 aged 25years. She was a precious gift who we treasured and we miss her dearly every day. Maddy loved the beach and was the most caring, compassionate and giving person to others. We walk to remember her and support others who are in a dark place. Life line helped her many times, sadly though things got too much. Hug your loved ones and tell them every day you love them, they are the most precious people in our lives. Enjoy every minute you spend with them as you don’t ever get that time back. We’d give anything to give Maddy a hug again and tell her we love her. 💙🦋"

- Sandra Mccrum



- Nicky Zeller

Craig Tee

"Beloved brother Forever in our hearts "

- Alyssa Discombe


"Beautiful Benjamin, aged 19, passed away 1 November, 2021. A precious light taken way too soon. Love and miss you more than you could know my darling boy. xxxx"

- Paula Sullivan

Luke Kingston

"I am walking in memory of my beautiful son Lukey 💙 who passed away on 4 February 2021 by suicide 💔. Walking to raise much needed money to support others so they can get help needed and come through their pain. "

- Bronwyn Scofield

Paul Bassi

"I am walking to remember my beautiful and so very missed brother Paul.19.09.19 He left us at 39 years old. Our lives were never the same. He was our protector and loved by so many. I want to help anyone else out there that needs support and more importantly we need to change the statistics. "

- Lisa Bassi


"Thinking of you "

- Kate O'Reilly

Zye Portas

"ZYE He was, is and always will be so incredibly loved 🕊️ Tragically taking from us at the young age of 17, 108 days short of his 18th, zye was full of life, kind and caring anyone who met him would full in love with him and his infectious smile and personality 28/5/2023 your wings were ready, our hearts were not, forever missing you "

- Mumma tash


"The world just isnt the same without you here"

- Marlee Percy

Jason Rae

"We will walk in memory of you and in the hope that no one ever feels they have no one to turn to in their darkest hour . We feel shattered that you felt that alone when you were so loved 💔"

- Julie Rae


"We do this walk in your memory. Your face is in my mind always. Time is moving forward while all of our lives stopped on 8th April 2022. We love you"

- The Sunflower Family


"I'm walking to remember those lost and help those in crisis 💙 "

- Callum