We understand you might have some questions regarding the new Out of the Shadows campaign, we’ve pulled together some FAQ’s to help answer some of your questions.

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What is new for Out of the Shadows this year?

This World Suicide Prevention Day Lifeline invites  you to join us in making a difference; creating hope through action in three simple ways:

Take A Walk – Join your local community walk or register your own

Plant a Thought - Plant a message of hope in the Lifeline virtual garden

Connect Listen and Talk  - Connect with and share stories of Australians impacted by suicide

What is Connect, listen and talk all about?

On average, nine people die by suicide in Australia every day. Connect, Listen and Talk is a collection of nine real stories tackling a range of subjects that challenge the stigma surrounding suicide. and those who have come through the darkness of suicidality to the light of the connection that gave them hope to continue living. 

Losing a loved one to suicide is an incomparable kind of loss. The stigma and lack of understanding surrounding suicide is still very real. Often those who experiencing suicidal ideation and even those grieving the loss of a loved one can experience tremendous marginalisation.   We are grateful to all nine participants for choosing to share their personal experience openly and courageously to offer understanding, hope and comfort to others.

COVID restrictions are different in my state, why can’t I hold a physical event? 

We ask you to use your best judgement in limiting risk and potential public transmission.  

Whilst we understand that current COVID restrictions and social distancing regulations vary from state to state we do ask you to be mindful of the wider part we play in reducing the COVID-19 pandemic across Australia. Community safety must come first. 

Why a virtual walk?

We recognise the important opportunity for connection that Out of the Shadows walks provide and we want to encourage people to walk as they usually would, but while observing safe social distancing. 

Differing state restrictions mean we need to be adaptable and flexible.

A virtual walk is a safe way to minimise risks of community transmission and the spread of COVID-19.

How long should the walks be?

The walks can be any length. 

We would recommend that you don't travel huge distances to participate in local walks.  

For those looking for a challenge/ connection: Perhaps 3,318 steps (to present those lost to suicide in the last reporting period 2019).

The beauty in this idea is that you can support in anyway you like, a walk around the garden, the neighbourhood or local parklands.

How do I promote my walk?

Here are some handy hints 

  • Encourage your community to participate in Out of the Shadows virtual walk 
  • Place posters and flyers in your local community business windows
  • Contact your local media outlets (newspapers, TV and radio stations) and ask them to promote Out of the Shadows
  • Let your community know you are hosting an Out of the Shadows walk on socials 
  • Utilise the social media and digital assets, update your social channels and make sure you feature Out of the Shadows on your website

Virtual Garden

Why a virtual garden?

This virtual component provides individuals who may not feel comfortable going outside, particularly those at risk, to be able to do something to mark World Suicide Prevention Day anytime, anywhere. 

Flowers can convey love, facilitate expression, provide meaning and communicate emotions that words fail to capture. 

Planting shrubs, plants or trees to mark a significant moment can create a living legacy that honours life and milestones.

Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth which aligns with the timings of World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th

Renewal and rebirth connect greatly with the key themes of this campaign: reflection, recovery, hope and prevention.

What is the meaning behind the landscape?

We wanted to re-create an Australian scene to reflect some of the superb walking destinations and beautiful backdrops provided by you, the centres over the years. 

In addition we’ve payed homage to the traditional Out of the Shadows walks hosted by centres at dusk with the inclusion of a visible walking trail and a sunrise scene. 

Key Elements

  • Each plant will have a description so Australians can personalise 
  • The build will feature a sunrise (to reflect Out of the Shadows) 
  • Option to write a message of support 
  • Donation 
  • Shareable via social channels 

What sort of plants are they?

We wanted to keep the virtual garden traditionally Australian and consider the environmental/sustainable impact. 

  • Planting Australian native plants attracts native wildlife. 
  • Planting Australian natives are generally easier to grow and require minimal maintenance.

We’ve selected four varieties of native shrubs/ plants that can withstand general Aussie climates for Australians to choose from:

Morning Flag (Blue) IN MEMORY OF

A flower for someone lost to suicide, loved and remembered

A reflection on a life lost to suicide and the pain for those left behind     

Description: A long flowering tuftie with grass like shoots, long slender leaves producing masses of pale blue-purple, iris like flowers in spring-summer 

Magenta Mist – (Purple) FOR LIVED EXPERIENCE: 

A flower to spare, a story to share

A journey shared. The voice of lived experience can offer hope to others. 

Description: compact shrub with pom-pom blooms that flower from the end of each shoot in spring -summer


A flower of support, a promise of connection. In recognition of the role we play in supporting people in crisis and preventing suicide.

Description: large golden yellow flowers bloom for most of the year amongst dark glossy leaves. The vivid flower adds vibrancy to gardens


A flower of commitment to bring hope and help to people in a dark place                                                                                              To ensure that all Australians experiencing emotional distress have access to 24 hours crisis support and suicide prevention services 

Description: Grey green slender foliage arranged in whirls on the stem. White flowers are produced year-round but especially in spring.

What’s new to the virtual garden this year?

Coming Soon: From September 1st you can plant a new flower - the Waratah

A PLEDGE OF ACTION – to be there for every person in crisis seeking help by destigmatising mental health. Creating hope through action. This flower is free to plant

Description: The Waratah is a stout, erect shrub. The dark green leathery leaves are arranged alternately and tend to be coarsely toothed. The flowers are grouped in rounded heads surrounded by crimson bracts. It flowers from September to November.

How does the virtual garden work?

Donors and supporters can visit the website and plant a flower as a digital dedication 

STEP 1: Select a centre they wish to support from a pre-populated list 

STEP 2: Choose to make a donation and plant a flower or set up a fundraising page 

STEP 3: Customise you native flower 

STEP 4: Write an optional message of support/ plant the native flower in the garden

STEP 5: Share with friends and family

What if I've already planted a flower in the virtual garden last year?

From 1st September you can visit any of the flowers planted last year and give them a water or give it some love. Look for the icons on the page.

Is there option to participate for people who don’t want to fundraise on such an emotional day?

We understand that people may not wish to fundraise. You can plant the red waratah flower (new for 2021)  free of charge or walk without fundraising.