Doin it for Daz

Out of the Shadows 2023

We're walking to remember those lost to suicide and help people in crisis

Tragically, every year over 65,000 Australians attempt to take their own life and over 3,000 Australians die by suicide. 

Lifeline receives over 1 million contacts from people in crisis each year.

Suicide has devastating impact on friends and loved ones.

On World Suicide Prevention Day, we will be taking part in Out of the Shadows and walking for the 9 people lost to suicide every day.

We are walking to raise funds for Lifeline to provide suicide prevention services and support Aussies in need.

Please support our walk and make a donation to help those in crisis.

Together we can ensure that no one has to face their darkest moments alone.

Our impact so far

We've raised $5,140 so far to answer 131 calls for Lifeline's crisis support hotline to connect and bring hope to people in crisis.

With your support, we can ensure that no person has to face their darkest moments alone.


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So much love Dons, Leo and Ami!



Wishing you strength. I didn’t know Daz well, but met his sister in Cape Town when we were kids. I used to see him down the surf club, surfing with your boy. Was shocked and saddened to hear the news when it happened. You are so brave ! Sending all my best, David.


Glenn And Irene Haifer

Love you guys!


Nir & Ella

With love ❤️ honouring Darren


Simon & Sharen Krite






Howard And Yael

Sending love and light ❤️


Robbie K



Anna Green

Thinking of you - your strength and bravery to help others and share such important words matter so much. Love to your crew and sending good wishes.


Rebecca Jacobson

Remembering Jason and Daryn and all the people who felt this was the only option


Tarryne Shotland

Donna my friend, thinking of you x


Ilana Sackar

Love you Dons xx


Krista Fergusson



Gavin Basserabie

Sending love <3


Penn Family

Stay strong honey, one day at a time.


Cyndy Nauer


Ginsberg Candice


Marc Rom


Donna Sen


Mandy Sacher

Don, this is such a worthy cause. Sending u so much love and strength. xxx



May his memory be a blessing for all the years to come, I wish you a long life and I am so so sorry for your loss Donna. Sending love and a big warm hug


Anna-lisa Palmer

Love you dear friend. I’m with you all today xx



All the love in the world.


Warren Stein


Terri And David Solsky

❤️❤️❤️ love to you all


Richard Kaplan


Rama Klevansky


Kat &chad

Sending love and strength to you and your beautiful kids xx


Lindsey Kenney

Thinking of you and your beautiful Daryn and sending lots of love. xxx


Jess Wells



Your courage and bravery while facing the unimaginable is inspiring. Sending lots of love


Lucy Wallace



Claire Johnston


Stacey Kalish


Chris & Heidi





Sending you so much strength and love


Bec Condon




Lisa P