Out of the Shadows 2023

I'm walking to remember those lost to suicide and help people in crisis

Hey guys,

Tragically, every year over 65,000 Australians attempt to take their own life and over 3,000 Australians die by suicide. 

Lifeline receives over 1 million contacts from people in crisis each year.

Suicide has devastating impact on friends and loved ones. Sadly i have lost many friends dear to me over the years.....starting way back as far as my school years and most recently only last year.so i will be walking for those that I have personally lost n for everyone that has lost someone dear to them. they may be gone but never forgotten. 

On World Suicide Prevention Day, I will be taking part in Out of the Shadows and walking for the 9 people lost to suicide every day.

I'm walking to raise funds for Lifeline to provide suicide prevention services and support for Australians in need.

Please support my walk and sponsor me to help those in crisis.

Together, we can ensure that no one has to face their darkest moments alone.

My impact so far

I've raised $2,896 so far to answer 74 calls for Lifeline's crisis support hotline to connect and bring hope to people in crisis.

With your support, we can ensure that no person has to face their darkest moments alone.


My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


Brendan Paul

Great cause Dino!


Uncle Carl N Aunty Kimmy

Proud of you Dino, love Uncle Carl, Aunty Kim n Zakk


Prudence Jacobson

Great job Nadine!


Joanne Murchie

Love you babe ... suicide fuckin sux have battle with those thoughts on and off most of my life .... so proud of you 👏 for this is for such a great cause love you babe xox


Scott Gittoes

Luv ya work kid.


Scott B

Great work!


Kev N Di

Love Kev n Di


Paul Neville


Ronnie Silbery

Wish it was more ma sis but you keep shinning and being the amazing person we all know you are, super proud of your efforts for this cause💛🌟🙏



Great cause you've got a good heart


Special K

Your are an amazing woman- thank you for doing this - I will be thinking bout you


Ata Saulo

U got this sis 💜


Julie Mcguffie

Proud of you mate 😊



Nice work Dino



Such a great cause. Love that you are doing this ❤️


Deb Saywell

Not enough being done to prevent suicide, happy to donate to this 🙏❤️ proud of you my friend


Krish 2smooth

Get it cuz!!!


Gary Wilko


Jase & Tess Brock



Adam Patto

Good on you Dino for making a difference ❤️


Kat Morris

Go NADINE!!!!!


Leah Dymock

Proud of you Dino! Lots of love ❤️ Leah


Gregory Cleary

Go Nads


Debra & Carmen

Great cause. Glad we could support you with this.


Lynda Storey



Proud of ya mate , great cause Dino


Renee Grant

So proud of you for doing this Dino , love you


Michelle Lesley Gorman

Go hard mate


Cameron Topham



Great effort babe. Luv ya


Kirsty Nash

Suggest no high heels for this stroll


Gabe Condon

Such a worthy cause. Good luck.



Good work Dino ✌🏽


Zak Temelkoski


Vanessa Michaels



Simon Elliott


Jessica Cloke

Go legend!


Danielle Aitken

Proud of you




Sonia Oluklu

Proud of you baby x



Good on you, great cause xx


Gary Flaxman


Simone Taylor

You got this sis 👏 💪 ❤️❤️❤️❤️




Lil Sis

You got this sis 🩷 thank you for doing this xx



Smash it Dino , proud of ya


Jodie Sell

Weldone babes you are one sweet lady xxx I lost my uncle to suicide very sad xx


Nicole Mccollum

Good luck! What a great cause


Chris Thompson

Great job Dino ❤️


Steph Bell

Brilliant cause!


Adam Dene Lovelee


Pia Batson

Forever in our hearts! Do them proud girl!



I’m proud of you Sis for participating in a walk to remember those lost to suicide.. such a good cause x



Great cause babe 🩵


Darren Fallo



Get your walk on sis!


Kirsty Linardos