stephanie Giampiccolo

Out of the Shadows 2023

Hi ya

We have 13 going! So happy that people care for the sad loss of life and are bringing it into the light. If you’d like to donate please do Lifeline do a wonderful job. It doesn’t have to be much every dollar counts $5 would be great only if you want to but by no means do you have to. Bringing awareness is huge in itself
Thanks everyone one. Please join us 

I'm walking to remember those lost to suicide and help people in crisis

Tragically, every year over 65,000 Australians attempt to take their own life and over 3,000 Australians die by suicide. 

Lifeline receives over 1 million contacts from people in crisis each year.

Suicide has devastating impact on friends and loved ones.

On World Suicide Prevention Day, I will be taking part in Out of the Shadows and walking for the 9 people lost to suicide every day.

I'm walking to raise funds for Lifeline to provide suicide prevention services and support for Australians in need.

Please support my walk and sponsor me to help those in crisis.

Together, we can ensure that no one has to face their darkest moments alone.

My impact so far

I've raised $2,407 so far to answer 61 calls for Lifeline's crisis support hotline to connect and bring hope to people in crisis.

With your support, we can ensure that no person has to face their darkest moments alone.


My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ruth Thomas




Jacquelin Dib

Steph your truely such an amazing person always thinking about others ajay would be so so so proud I know his looking down thinking what an awesome nonna he has he loved you so much . Ajay Cain Goldsmith 18.02.2003 - 11.11.22 I miss you so much beautiful boy and always will 😢😢 in my heart forever 🕊️


Gail Webster

Love to you, Gail, Brian and Mark Webster


Tim Shortland


Steven Soldatos


Sally Shortland

You will forever be my first love, my first born. I love you and will love you until I take my last breath. You fought so hard I am so proud to be your Mumma


Adam Asi

He would be so proud of you, Stephanie. Both you and Ger Bear are an inspiration to all.


Greg And Nella Giampiccolo

You’re such an inspiration Steph 💕


Mary Soldatos

We hope that this makes a difference to bringing Suicide out in the open and open up a new discussion






Ajay Caine Goldsmith Fe19


Denise Agius

Your smile will live forever in my heart AJ


Rosemary Inserra



Go Stephanie!


Rob Shortland


Terry Danne

Steph not sure where we will be on this date but if we are not travelling we will be walking. Thinking of you. Terry and Steve ❤️


Brett Southie


Claudia Fodera

Always thinking of others Steph and I know your actions will make a difference in someone's life.


Stephanie Giampiccolo


Evelyn Kops




Laura Schuwalow

Love you 😘


Debra Picone

Hope the day goes well Steph - there will be many silent walkers by your side xx




Tracey Ibbetson

You got this




Lisa Webster

Enjoy the walk. An important cause. Sorry I couldn't be there. X


Gerry Fabbro

Great effort Steph hope the day goes well.


Melissa Mullens